Five best gifts for boaters this holiday season

Five Best Gifts For Boaters This Holiday Season

1. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Everyone needs some music while having a day on the water and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for those times when you need to stray a little further from the boat. These can come quite compact nowadays while still maintaining a good sound quality making it perfect for easy use and mobility.

2. Personalized nautical gear

Nautical gear is essential to the boating lifestyle. Gifting personalized gear is never a bad idea. Personalized fenders or dry bags are perfect. You can have these custom made to say something meaningful to them or even just in a color you know they might like. Remember, its the thought that counts!

3. Boat maintenance kit

This is yet another great item that no avid boater can go without. If you want to continue to have a new, fresh looking boat, you will always be in need of a maintenance kit. These can include items such as boat soap, extended brushes, spray bottles, rags and plenty of other supplies. You can find many premade kits online.


Odds are if you own a boat, you need a cooler for said boat. If your gift recipient does not have a cooler this is at the top of the list. Whether its for your pro angler or just a cruise on the water a cooler is a must have on the boat for all things from food to drinks to fish.

5. Smart watch with marine features

Smart watches now have seemingly limitless features and these features can be utilized at sea. Some quick access features include, GPS, compass, barometer, tide charts and many others as well. All of these applications will be super useful on the go for the mariner in your life.